Making History Adidas Reverse Engineer

Adidas Making History Ad – Messi

This ad was produced by Adidas to commemorate soccer star, Lionel Messi, breaking the world record number of goals in a year. I found this ad in an article published in a foreign language, here, but still loved the ad. The world record was held by Gerd Muller since 1972. My son thinks Messi is the greatest!



Making History Alignment

The ad makes good use of strong left and right alignment for the details in the text. Where the picture is split in half, it makes sense to align the left text with the left side of the picture and the right text with the right side of the picture.


Making History Contrast

I love the use of the old and new Adidas soccer cleat to show contrast in this ad. The world record was broken in the same shoe, but the ad shows such a great difference with the old, scuffed up cleat and the new, modern cleat.


Making History Proximity

The ad groups together the details for each record – the old record on the left and the new record on the right. It wouldn’t really make sense if they were all strung out in a paragraph.


Making History Repetition

The use of the font in the brand, Adidas, is repeated in the title for the ad itself. All lower case letters are used which makes it stand out and ties it to the Adidas branding.

Making History Color

I love the use of color in this ad! The darker, grey background and the black and white cleat make the right side look old. This matches the old record from 1972 that was broken. The right side is bright white, the cleat is new and bright yellow. The new record looks cleaner, fresher, newer.


The use of the basic principles of design in this ad really make it clean and eye catching. Information is grouped so your eyes cover the whole page and you want to know more about this split personality shoe.


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