Mother’s Day Typography

BYUI Mother’s Day Sale University Store

I work at the University Store at BYU-Idaho. I supervise the Auxiliary Services graphic design team and I’m taking this class to help me with that part of my job. I can already see it helping me in my understanding of the designs we use and that I request of them. We have a lot of events for the store as well as Food Services and Print & Copy Services that my team designs marketing material for.

This particular poster was designed by my team leader, Paige Dearden, who graduated in graphic design last year. She was a student employee and now works for us while her husband finishes school. There were specific requirements for this poster that correspond with our store branding. I saw all her other ideas, and definitely liked this one the best. The light and variation in focus in the photo are so soft and spring-like. We are really needing beauty like this in Rexburg right now!

Typeface #1

Mother’s Day Sale Script Typeface

The first and most prominent typeface on this poster is from the script category. It belongs in this category because it looks like it has been hand written. Paige probably could’ve hand lettered this herself! We liked this typeface for the main message of the poster because it looks elegant and more personal.

Typeface #2

Mother’s Day Sale Sans Serif Typeface

This typeface is such a great, clean example of a Sans Serif typeface. All the letters and numbers are the same weight – they don’t have any thick/thin transitions. There are no serifs on the type, thus this belongs in the sans serif category. The two examples of the type do have different weights, but the letters/numbers do remain consistent with the others in their immediate proximity.


Mother’s Day Sale Contrast Typeface

The first contrasting element I notice with these two fonts is the thick/thin transitions or lack thereof. The script typeface has strong thick to thin transitions and the sans serif has none. The letters there are all the same width all the way around the character. The second noticeable difference is the diagonal stress of the script style and the lack of stress in the sans serif. I drew a line through the O in OFF just to show the lack of thick/thin and thus the lack of stress in the typeface. The third difference is in the form of the two typefaces. The script is very uneven and free in its horizontal alignment. The sans serif is very straight and blocked.

Overall, the weight is also a big difference in these fonts. The sans serif at the top of the poster is very thin and smaller in size – even more so than the other use of sans serif on the poster. And though that second use is thicker – like the script – the lack of thick/thin makes the weight very different on the sans serif.


Even though this is a simple design with very little type, it is a great example of the use of contrasting typefaces. It is easy to read and the message is clear to those who see it. The use of the script is inviting and the sans serif emphasizes the details of the sale in a clear, concise way. I’m excited to see it displayed next week in the store!


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