Here is a Little of What I Learned About Magazine Spreads

Learning is Hard

Oh, I have struggled with learning these past couple of weeks! There is so much material and so little time in my life to fit everything in. Isn’t that the story of everyone’s life? I would have liked to have more time to sit with someone who knows what they are doing on this project to get ideas and education. As it is, I figured out a lot on my own, asked a few key questions, and got great feedback from others. I think my first full spread is ok and not a complete disaster, so goal accomplished!

Magazine Spread Page 1
Page 1
Magazine Spread pages 2 & 3
Pages 2 & 3

Audience – Why This Article?

In my church, I am the president of a young women’s group. They were on my mind as I was designing this piece. As I try to teach these teenage girls about the Savior and His mission on this earth, I find they need to really work on their own testimony of Him. I love this article and challenge to take time to learn more about Him in a concentrated effort.

When I found the article online, there was no color to it, no separation of ideas, and the pictures looked more like homework assignments! It was probably not that appealing to my girls. I tried to use colors they would love and make the text more appealing to read. I love the script font, Zapfino, because it is so elegant yet not too messy of a script font. The last picture is of my own daughter and she is the same age as the girls in my group. I wanted the design to look beautiful and calming – not at all the idea I got when I read the article and it seemed like a lot of work. The reality is that the work of this challenge brings beauty, calm, and peace to our lives because we are learning about Jesus Christ. I hope this design helps carry that feeling to the reader.

Design Choices

My first big decision for this design was the colors. I wanted modern, fresh, young colors because that matches my audience. I used the sunset picture as a reference and found a color palette that coordinates with the colors in the picture. It just so happens that they are awesome colors for the modern, fresh, young look I wanted!

Sunset in Salem
Sunset in Salem – Jenny Anderson

The typography choice was next. I chose two contrasting typefaces that would complement each other and really help the headings stand out from the body of the article. I wanted something easy to read for the main body of the piece. I find the serif fonts look a little more formal and I wanted this to be an elegant and formal piece. The font I chose for the body is Baskerville.

As I mentioned earlier, the Zapfino font is a great script font because I don’t feel like it is too confusing. Some script fonts get too flowery and curly and you can’t hardly read them. I like this one for its lack of curls! I also love the long extensions on some of the letters. It breaks up the very horizontal look of columns of text. I did have to work with this font a little more on the alignment aspect. It doesn’t line up nicely with the flat edges of the page. The title of the article was a little challenging in that aspect. I pulled everything to the right to group that long title a little tighter. It was too long and spread out and I think mixing the fonts and grouping it to the right really helped the message not get lost.

The color and pictures work together in this piece to bring that feeling of calm and juxtapose it over an article that is challenging the reader to work hard on a time-consuming project. I didn’t want to have a blank white page full of text, so the grey background was a softer base for the article. The navy and coral are nice anchors of bright and dark color to ground the pages.

I only used one photo with color because it was the photo that inspired the color palette. The other two are actually nicer in grey tones. I feel like this emphasizes the content rather than the way the colors clash with the rest of the design. I also like how the two black and whites both have word elements in them – the table and the floor. That texture makes these two pictures more consistent with each other and not completely disconnected, random images.

Scriptures Image
Scriptures – Jenny Anderson
Kaiah Image
Kaiah – Jenny Anderson

Continue Learning

I know I have only scratched the surface of what InDesign can do for my projects. This program is full of hidden treasures and tools to help me with design. I hope to continue learning so my design can be more appealing and maybe a little closer to the things I dream up in my head! It’s hard to get that image out when I don’t know the tools that are available to me. Just like the article used in this design challenges the reader to accept a huge challenge, design is a huge challenge to me. Both opportunities take time, effort, and a lot of study. Now if only I had that first element…..time.


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