Designing Icons for BYU-Idaho/Sprint Site

Creating my own icons this week has been a bit of a struggle. I have found that I enjoyed it more than the last project that I completed in InDesign. I’ve been working with Illustrator this week and I find I like it better.

I started this project with my own employer in mind. I work at BYU-Idaho with the employee Sprint cell phone account. We are needing an overhaul of our website. The current site is very text heavy and it is difficult to find needed information. The landing page could use a few widgets and/or graphics to make it more user friendly and simple to search. These icons would help in making our page more attractive and easy to find the information needed.

This project required 4-6 icons and we have a few categories that we can group information under for our site. I created icons to represent each category – Services, Travel, FAQ, and Plans/Pricing.

BYU-Idaho/Sprint Icons

I chose the colors based primarily on our campus branding guidelines. We use certain core colors, the blue, and accent colors, the grey and yellow, for all communications in print and/or web for BYU-Idaho. Since the site is for use for a BYU-Idaho function, it was best to stay within the style guides where I could. I liked the contract of the light grey and yellow with the bright blue. Blue is the primary color of choice for BYU-Idaho and yellow is the main color Sprint uses for its communications. Sprint’s is a brighter yellow, but BYU-Idaho branding was my primary guideline.

FAQ 60×60
Pricing/Plans 60×60
Services 60×60
Travel 60×60

I wanted to keep the icons very simple and visually representative of each particular category. I used each color in some way in all four icons so that they would relate to each other. Keeping the free from text was a requirement for this project, but also helps in keeping them simple. There is already enough text on my website without cluttering my icons with it! I also tried to keep the lines very simple – only circles and rectangles. No need for abstract art in this case!

FAQ 60×60
Pricing/Plans 60×60
Services 60×60
Travel 60×60

I haven’t presented these to my web designers at work, but may do so in the future. I am just a beginner, but it would be pretty awesome to use my work on our website! Thankfully, we have a team of graphic designers that can correct or improve upon my designs if that is needed. I value their opinions and will hopefully grow and improve with their help and guidance.





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